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hostel – 6 : Standing tall since ,1963, is our prestige.
Its glory is not unknown and we are proud to
introduce ourselves as one of its boarders. We
take immense pride and feel honoured to be completing 60 glorious years.

Located at the tranquillity of the mountains and surrounded by one of the largest wetland of Asia , Hostel – 6, has been the shaping and restructuring the life of innovative minds and reshaping them to become a treasure for the state and the country. 

"Marvellous 60 years"

hostel garden
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As we step into a new phase of Hostel-6, we
should acknowledge the number of gems it has
given to society and this country. Since its
establishment it has helped students from a
plethora of backgrounds and diversities to help
them reach their goals.

A place where memories overweighed the
luggage, fun at night overweighed the stress of
the day, addas overweighed the stress of the
exams. ♥️

With constant support and guidance the teens stepping into a new phase of their life reached their goals. The alumni of Hostel-6 have always been achievers. We have our alumni in a plethora of fields working incessantly to improve the country in economy, technology, science and its applications. Leading MNCs, working as managers of some of the highly reputed industries, they are an inspiration not only to the present boarders but also to the next generations.